What our attendees tell us...

‘The atmosphere at these events is always uplifting. It reminds you why you love writing so much. You go home renewed, ready to face the blank page again.’
Caroline Slocock, Screenwriter

‘I went to network and as a result an award winning documentary filmmaker has agreed to make a documentary with my client Nisha Kalema and I also have half a dozen or so other new contacts to follow up on.’
George Hargreaves, Producer and Agent

‘I attended the Christopher Hampton breakfast club yesterday and when I left, I felt like an over excited puppy! The atmosphere in the Phoenix Artist Club in London was fantastic, I felt like I stepped back in time, as if the club still looked the same as 100 years ago, so charming. Of course, meeting Christopher and hearing his stories was magnificent, I could have listened to him all day.’
Marie Delanote, Writer

‘What an inspiring afternoon, listening to Christopher Hampton talk to an audience of fellow screenwriters, as well as novelists, playwrights and filmmakers. I found his anecdotes, advice and stories inspiring, helpful and most of all hopeful. One of the best things about the London Breakfast Club is connecting with fellow writers and filmmakers. You never know who you might talk to. It might be your next writing partner, someone who can help you with your project, or someone who you can help, or even just someone who tells you to get off Facebook and get on with it. Wonderful afternoon.’
Dorothée Kuepers, Screenwriter

‘I always come out incredibly inspired by the speakers. They genuinely share their insights from inside the industry – invaluable. And meeting so many other writers at different stages of their career is a treat as well. Everybody is so friendly, it’s easy to get talking’
Kristina, Screenwriter

‘Inspiration and a full English Breakfast in a fantastic venue all before 10.00 a.m on a Friday morning!’
Ava Regal, Writer

‘a very good opportunity to network and meet other individuals interested in the same things as us’
Todd Bridgland, Actor and Writer

‘Fantastic to meet so many UK writers, thanks for an invaluable morning.’
Fuad Omar, Producer

‘I got to persue my screenwriting career AND still made it to the day job in time’
Katia Hadidian. Magazine editor

‘very insightful, we went home with a whole new perspective’
Lawrence Mallinson, Filmmaker

‘Fantastic opportunity to learn from a true professional who provoked great thought and insight about the Art
& Craft of writing starting with you and your identity’

Tony Black, Screenwriter

‘great to combine a teaching session with networking and breakfast’
Anna Littler, Filmmaker / writer

‘friendly people, like minded individuals, great to connect over breakfast’
Alex Croft, Screenwriter

‘the talk was extremely insightful and the wonderful breakfast spread was a great added bonus’
Jane Edlington, Writer

‘An insightful and worthwhile morning cup of coffee’
Adam Graveley, Writer

‘A great three act event, lots of food, fantastic speakers, and busy networking’
John, Screenwriter

‘No BS, just good advice supported with very relevant anecdotes.  Highly recommended’
George Chiesa, Screenwriter
‘Just wanted to say many thanks again for a superbly informative and inspiring interview with Marcus this morning’
John Clay, Filmmaker