Susanna Fogel: Writing Booksmart, The Spy Who Dumped Me and Beyond

Meet one of the hottest writers in Hollywood right now, Susanna Fogel, who is in town for the BAFTAs where she is nominated for ‘Booksmart’.

If you have seen it you will know why she is nominated. If you haven’t, watch it tonight.

Susanna is already on the cutting edge and disrupting genres in a way audiences love, by casting the female gaze on traditionally male genres. ‘Booksmart’ is a razor sharp comedy that feels like a simultaneous love letter back to the John Hughes teen comedy era, as well as a middle finger ‘screw you’ rallying call.

We can all learn heaps from Susanna and her journey and this promises to be in equal measure, inspiring and educational.Come enjoy a one off, intimate and inspiring discussion of her career, future, and the way societal changes are impacting women’s roles in entertainment.

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